Thursday, 16 October 2014

Underwater Dolphin Mural, NHS Huddersfield, UK

Well I have had an interesting few days painting an underwater mural for a new NHS Paediatric ward in Huddersfield. When they said to me that there maybe work still going on around me as the building wasn't quite finished - I said that was fine because I am now very used to painting in all sorts of environments, but even I can't paint in the dark - as there wasn't any electricity or running water in the building yet!

Anyway the building team did kindly get me set up with some lighting - and off I went immersing myself in my water artwork. My favourite part of painting this mural was creating all the different textures in the paint for the coral reef areas - taking three different shades of colour and working them together, and also using two or three different sized brushes also worked well. I am back up to the ward next week to paint a smaller version - I couldn't complete that this time as the floor in front of the wall I was to work on was just wet concrete! 

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